“Woman With Many Names” premiere

Spectrum Music premiered a program of new music for Ozere chamber folk ensemble on Saturday Nov 14th in their concert “Tracing One Warm Line”. The program included Shannon Graham’s piece, co-written with Javier Vazquez, “Woman With Many Names”.  Ozere performed the Spectrum composers new works beautifully to an attentive audience, and singer/songwriter Alex Lukashevsky led everyone in a sing along of Stan Roger’s Northwest Passage to close the show!

Ozere soundcheck

About Woman With Many Names

La Malinche was an Indigenous woman who translated for the Spanish Conquistador Hernan Cortes, helping him overthrow the Aztec empire in 1521. After her death, she was named La Malinche, and became a symbol for the betrayal of one’s own people and culture. However, as more time passed, historians and artists began to see her with more complexity. This piece will portray each one of her names (La Malinche the traitor, Malintzin the victim, Dona Marina the lover, and Malinalli the survivor) to pose the question: does the history of an individual’s life have an end?

9_Woman 3 lover

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