Home FB size 1Concert June 2, 8pm
Alliance Francaise de Toronto
24 Spadina Rd.
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Is “home” a place in which you reside, or something that resides within you?  What does it mean to grow and evolve, without forgetting one’s roots? The Spectrum composers tells stories of home, identity, and ultimately, the common experiences that unite us as human, no matter where we live.


Chan Kol Nidre by Patty Chan, arr. Chelsea McBride
Doghouses by Jacob Starling
No Place Like Home by Chelsea McBride
Northeast Lakota Lullaby, traditional, adapted by Patty Chan, arr. by Chelsea McBride
Re-cordis by Javier Vazquez
Remembering Home by Roydon Tse
Rumination by Shannon Graham

Spectrum composers create a distinctly Canadian repertoire for traditional Chinese instruments performed by:

Patty Chan, Concertmaster of the Toronto Chinese Orchestra, on Erhu (Chinese fiddle)
Di Zhang on the Yangqin (Chinese Dulcimer)
Ziwen Qin on the Gu Zheng (Chinese Harp)

The concert will be preceeded by a pre-show panel discussion at 7:30pm about home and identity as it relates to music, featuring:
Patty Chan, performer
Roydon Tse, composer
Shelley Zhang, ethnomusicologist
Aziza Mohammed, host of Salon West



Forward-thinking choral music inspired by the desire to go back in time…

Saturday February 24th, 2018
Knox Presbyterian Church, Toronto
Tickets $20 ($25 at the door)
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If you look at the world with a child’s eye, it becomes very beautiful. The Spectrum composers created new pieces of music to investigate the many sides of innocence: having it, losing it, and feeling nostalgic for it.

Spectrum and Musicata: Hamilton’s Voices, the 25 person chamber choir, join forces for the second time, to delve deeper into their exploration of new works for classical choir and jazz improvisers. This forward-thinking music will explore the wistful desire to go back in time.


If I Had Known by Chelsea Mcbride
Sweep the Sky by Graham Campbell
The Shadow Monster by Shannon Graham
Volver a la inocencia by Javier Vazquez
Was / Am / Will Be by Ben McCarroll-Butler
When I Was by Tiffany Hanus