The Storytellers

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is the debut record by saxophonist/composer Shannon Graham, released in 2013. It features a ten person chamber-jazz ensemble performing wacky and whimsical programmatic music.

Shannon Graham
“Orchestral, lyrical, dramatic music that tells stories, Shannon Graham writes evocative film scores without the moving pictures. Instead, thought-provoking titles and themes ask questions and propose intriguing answers. Her ten-piece avant-chamber-jazz group deliver every one of the 17 pieces with an on-the-money performance, digging into the rhythmically insistent charts with gusto. This is enjoyably good, well-crafted, eventful music.” -Glen Hall, Exclaim

“Shannon Graham is up to something interesting, using pop ebullience to synthesize both the swing of a jazzy rhythm section and the sweep of orchestral strings. And while this music hints at Graham’s rigourous skills as a composer, this is also something that can be appreciated by people who dig the orch-pop end of the indie-rock continuum.” -Mechanical Forest Sound

“Some jazz, some classical, some folk, some pop… and all of it mesmerizing in the way it remains engagingly lyrical whether speaking in soothing tones or swerving like a car chase movie scene. ” -Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm

Shannon Graham
The Storytellers by Emma-Lee Photography