Forward-thinking choral music inspired by the desire to go back in time…

Saturday February 24th, 2018
Knox Presbyterian Church, Toronto
Tickets $20 ($25 at the door)
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If you look at the world with a child’s eye, it becomes very beautiful. The Spectrum composers created new pieces of music to investigate the many sides of innocence: having it, losing it, and feeling nostalgic for it.

Spectrum and Musicata: Hamilton’s Voices, the 25 person chamber choir, join forces for the second time, to delve deeper into their exploration of new works for classical choir and jazz improvisers. This forward-thinking music will explore the wistful desire to go back in time.


If I Had Known by Chelsea Mcbride
Sweep the Sky by Graham Campbell
The Shadow Monster by Shannon Graham
Volver a la inocencia by Javier Vazquez
Was / Am / Will Be by Ben McCarroll-Butler
When I Was by Tiffany Hanus


Wednesday Nov 29 @ 8pm
Hugh’s Room Live
2261 Dundas St W, Toronto
Reserve your table to guarantee a seat here.
$20 Advance/ $25 Door

The Achromatics are releasing their debut album, Give Me That Beat, with a one-night-only event in Toronto!

Come on out for the hottest party of the fall – your admission gets you a copy of the new CD. Featuring DJ General Eclectic (Jason Sanders / Footprints / Freedom Time), you’ll be dancing all night long!

Preview the record here:


spectrum-website-bannerMyths become music on October 28th, 8:00pm at Alliance Francaise de Toronto.

In our modern world, what use do we have for mythology? Whether it be urban legend, ghost story, harmless superstition, or cultivating our own personal myths, our ancient love of legend and lore is certainly alive and well.

The lost city of Atlantis, the mermaid of Dutch folklore, and the Aztec diety Quetzalcoatl are transformed into intriguing new works performed by Toronto superstars, The Heavyweights Brass Band. In a concert to bring jazz, classical, and pop audiences together, when the lines between fact and fiction become blurry, can music fill the gap?

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shannon-graham-50Saturday September 2, 2017: A day of performance taking place in the heart of Toronto at Yonge-Dundas Square from 2-10pm. Robert Everett Green of the Globe and Mail describes the event as “a marathon of sound in the middle of traffic.”

2:15 – 2:45pm / Stage 1
Shannon Graham (tenor sax), Chelsea McBride (baritone sax), Olivia Shortt (alto sax), and Jennifer Tran (soprano sax) blur the lines between jazz and classical traditions. Both Graham and McBride sit in the composer’s chair along with Javier Vazquez, who all also write for Spectrum Music. Dialectica sees the group play with latin themes, minimalism, and not to mention dipping into new age territory at times. Leaving the idea of genre at the door they are able to traverse a varied musical landscape. Keeping a cohesive voice through a their playful voice & dialogue.

For more information about Intersection, presented by Burn Down the Capital and CONTACT contemporary music click here.