Spectrum Music presents “Return to Innocence” on February 24.


Forward-thinking choral music inspired by the desire to go back in time…

Saturday February 24th, 2018
Knox Presbyterian Church, Toronto
Tickets $20 ($25 at the door)
Visit SpectrumMusic.ca

If you look at the world with a child’s eye, it becomes very beautiful. The Spectrum composers created new pieces of music to investigate the many sides of innocence: having it, losing it, and feeling nostalgic for it.

Spectrum and Musicata: Hamilton’s Voices, the 25 person chamber choir, join forces for the second time, to delve deeper into their exploration of new works for classical choir and jazz improvisers. This forward-thinking music will explore the wistful desire to go back in time.


If I Had Known by Chelsea Mcbride
Sweep the Sky by Graham Campbell
The Shadow Monster by Shannon Graham
Volver a la inocencia by Javier Vazquez
Was / Am / Will Be by Ben McCarroll-Butler
When I Was by Tiffany Hanus

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