A blog post Shannon wrote for The Achromatics…a little insight behind the lyrics of the Achro-original song “Someday”

One of the first Achromatics original songs “Someday” might be more relevant now that when it was written a year ago.

The lyrics describe the desire to improve yourself but feeling frustrated and worried that you won’t succeed. Ultimately the song ends with a positive sentiment: that even though success can feel so far away, you just have to keep trying and never give up. As long as we keep trying, we can’t fail.

The concept of self-improvement can be extended to improving your community, other people’s lives, and the world. And lately, our world is facing dark times. It’s frustrating and scary, but the most terrifying idea is to throw in the towel and stop trying to improve things. As long as we’re still trying to make it better, we haven’t failed.

This is “Someday”

Light ink upon a page,
routine to start the day,
imagining how far it…

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