Spectrum Music 5th season finale

13340167_1220804374598851_7822632932667399603_oSpectrum Music concluded it’s fifth season on Saturday June 4th, with Tower of Babel, a concert featuring new music inspired by interpretations of the ancient story. Spectrum was happy to host guest musical director Noam Lemish (piano), international guest artist Amos Hoffman (guitar and oud), as well as Peter Lutek (reeds), Justin Gray (bass), and Derek Gray (drums and percussion).

Shannon Graham’s piece “Heaven On Earth” featured an instrument more often found in a Zen Buddhist temple than on a concert stage: the hauntingly beautiful Tibetan singing bowls (performed by Derek Gray- pictured below).

To stay informed of Spectrum’s future events, including an exciting 2016-2017 season starting in the fall like them on facebook.



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